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Bus Safety Training

Date:      September 1, 2010
Subject:  School Bus Safety Training – Middle and High Schools


As required by OAR 581-53-002, all students in School District 4J are to receive instruction on bus safety during the first half of the school year.  The intent of the rule is to reach the occasional riders who find themselves on a bus because of a field trip, activity trip, etc.

The instruction provided must cover rules for safe riding, procedure for crossing the road with bus safety lights, emergency equipment on the bus and instructions for emergency evacuations.

The following video has been approved by the ODE and meets the above criteria.

Link to “Safest Way Out” video: (or click HERE if the previous link doesn’t work) The video may also be accessed on the Transportation web site by clicking on School Bus Evacuation Training.

The attached flyer “RIDING THE BUS SAFELY” in both English and Spanish is to be used in addition to the video. The viewing of the video in conjunction with the distribution of the enclosed flyers would fulfill the requirements set forth in OAR 581-53-002. The information on this sheet includes rules for safe riding, the procedure for safely crossing the road with the bus safety lights, the emergency equipment on the bus, and the instructions for emergency evacuations. Examples of distribution could include school newsletters, newspapers, etc.

It is very important that this training be accomplished during the first half of the year (by the end of December) and that documentation be provided by each administrator when the training has been completed. For this purpose, you should complete the enclosed form and return it to:


Susan LaBounty
Transportation Dept.


If you have any questions please email or call me at x3435.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Susan LaBounty
Driver Trainer
4J Transportation

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