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Rumors of Threats to Student Safety

Parents, please read this joint statement from Eugene and Bethel School Districts and Eugene Police Department:


Tuesday, December 18, 2012, 12:30 p.m.

Rumors about threats to student safety have been circulating in our schools. Along with the devastating Connecticut school shooting tragedy, the internet has been buzzing with baseless doomsday predictions related to the ancient Mayan calendar. As a result there have been persistent rumors—mostly through social media—about violent events to take place in schools this Friday.

Eugene Police and administrators in Eugene 4J and Bethel school districts have investigated each of the rumors of violence reported so far. None of them have been viable threats.

Nevertheless, Eugene and Bethel schools and Eugene Police are committed to being vigilant and responsive. Eugene Police will provide an enhanced police presence around our schools this Friday.

We are reminding students that any talk of school-related violence or bringing weapons to school can and will lead to disciplinary action—and even criminal charges—whether the threats are verbal, written or posted online, and regardless of whether they are intended to be taken seriously.

All threats are taken seriously. It is our duty to thoroughly investigate every potential threat, and it is the duty of students, parents and community members to report any direct knowledge of threatened violence. We commend those who have reported these latest rumors. This week, and always, if you hear or see anything that may indicate a safety issue, please report it right away. In the meantime, we remain focused on teaching and learning while working to keep our schools safe and secure.


Shelley Berman, Superintendent
Eugene School District 4J

Colt Gill, Superintendent
Bethel School District

Pete Kerns, Chief
Eugene Police Department

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