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Safety Communication for Churchill Incident on Monday, December, 17 2012

  • All students are safe.
  • At approximately 10:30 am, a staff member reported that a community member had talked with her over the weekend. The community member had concerns that a student may have discussed bringing a weapon to school on Friday, December 21st, for the end of the Mayan Calendar.
  • The administration immediately called the Eugene Police Department and Officer Carl Stubbs returned to Churchill. At that time, it was determined that the student in question was not at school, and had not been excused. His friend was also not at school, and had been excused by his parent.
  • The administration made the decision to lock the external doors, as it is safest to have students, parents and community members use the front office door.
  • The police wanted to talk with both students. They attempted to contact them by phone, but could not reach anyone at the homes. They sent police to both houses to make contact. While the school waited for police contact, Officer Stubbs requested that we go to modified lockdown. We went into modified lockdown at 12:19 pm.
  • The students were found at their respective homes, each with a parent. The police let us end the modified lockdown at 12:31 pm.
  • The external doors remain locked for the rest of the day, and for Tuesday, to ensure safety. We will be leaving the external doors locked for the rest of this week, while reviewing our security procedures.
  • The school district is beginning a thorough review of safety and security procedures at all schools, and will be giving Churchill recommendations for the future.
  • The students questioned by police were found to be safe. They are not on campus today. The school will be working with students and parents on a long-term plan to support each of them.
  • We encourage any student or staff member who hears any threat to report to an adult. Adults are to report threats to the administration immediately. This includes threats that may be heard during non-school hours. The best way to keep our school community safe is to report all potential threats and let the police and school administration follow up.
  • We have every reason to believe that Friday, December 21st will be a normal day for schools, including Churchill. We will have our SRO on campus, and will continue to support learners at school. Any student who is excused by a parent should be prepared to have all work turned into the office prior to winter vacation, or work with a teacher to have a plan to make up missing work.
  • Any student who needs more support will be referred to a counselor.

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