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November 2012 LPA minutes

Lancer Parent Association November 27, 2012

Meeting called to order at 7:02pm

Treasurer Report – Kirsten Barnett Account balance of $2471.45 182 student directories have been order at a cost of $3 each

Administrative Report – Londa Rochholz It has been an exciting fall Current enrollment is 1088 (297 fr, 250 so, 266 jr, 275 sr) • Staffing is based on enrollment • Schedules for the new trimester went out to students on Wednesday (November 21)  Students may request a schedule change through their counselor this week.  Any change requests next week will require parent and teacher signature.  Achievement Compact (replaces No Child Left Behind) • Staff is just becoming familiar with requirements; more will be known following a meeting later this week • General discussion followed CHS website will have a FAQ section; q/a to be provided to Jake • Discussion followed about website content School Board Member, Mary Walston, dropped by last week and talked with students and staff about 3×5 schedule among other things.  • Leadership was not available to meet with Ms. Walston.  School philosophy of Focus on Instruction  can result in leadership not being available for drop in visits from parents, board etc… New Hires • Marty Wilder has joined CHS.  His areas of instruction will be STEM and Algebra II • Additional new teacher is pending.  Areas of instruction will be Biology Electronic Sign • The sign will be posted on Bailey Hill near 18th Avenue • LPA raised money for this sign for several years

Site Council Report Site Council meetings are held each month on the first Wednesday from 3:45-5:00pm • Parent representatives report at each meeting • Students also attend and provide input School Improvement Plan (SIP) will be posted to the website • Includes goals related to communication, education, instruction and how we meet those goals • Working to align SIP goals with Achievement Compact • Discussion followed about what the goals are and consequences of not met Accreditation Team will be here in April; preparing materials for that

Discussion about role of LPA and math curriculum

Directory Update – Tom Pargeter • Cleaning up list and removing names of folks who opted out • Target mail date of mid-December • Other methods of providing directory (electronic etc…) have been researched, but not pursued

Other Announcements • During months of August – November, 173 parents recorded 1095+ volunteer hours! • Next meeting January 15, 2013 with Dr. Berman

Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm


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