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October 8th Meeting Summary- Churchill update by Kim Finch, Principal

October 8th,  2012 Parent Association Meeting Minutes

Presentation  provided by Kim Finch, Principal at the October Parent Association meeting- put into word document to help post on website.


  • ·         83 more students than Churchill was projected to have.  Continuing to register student each day.
  • ·         Total enrollment: 1,108
  • ·         Enrollment by grade:
    • o   8th = 21 (Kennedy students attending math classes at Churchill)
    • o   9th = 298
    • o   10th = 246
    • o   11th=268
    • o   12th=275
  • ·         CHS has 41% of students who qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch.  This is the same percentage as last years, although the district process is not completed until 10/15.
  • ·         Currently have 15 students who receive ELL services, with a mixture of languages.

New Staff/New Programs

  • ·         Added back music and 9th grade Health to CHS, increasing band from 0.5 FTE to 0.75 FTE and health from 1.5 FTE to 2.0 FTE
  • ·         Two sections of pre-engineering (1.0 credit) and 6 sections of engineering design (0.5 credit)
  • ·         Received additional math/science staffing to address class size
  • ·         Prioritized FTE to AP classes in each subject area: increasing the time students have in AP by 33%.

4J Board and District Goals:

All Secondary schools will have a sharp focus on the following data, with school focused on student performance.  Schools will develop school improvement goals and action plans that include targets in a number of areas:

  1. 1.       4 year graduation cohort rate
  2. 2.       5 year graduation cohort rate
  3. 3.       Percentage of fully scheduled freshman
  4. 4.       PLAN scores for 10 grade students
  5. 5.       9th grade attainment (at least 6 credits)
  6. 6.       9th grade attendance (90% or greater)
  7. 7.       Number of students enrolled in post-secondary education within 16 months of graduation


Additional 4J and District Goals:

  • ·         College and Career Readiness: a college and career readiness culture will exist in all secondary schools.
  • ·         Proficiency-based instruction: Proficiency-based training and learning practices will become increasingly embedded in secondary schools.
  • ·         Collaborative practice: Collaboration among teachers for the purpose of instructional improvement and increased student learning will become common practice.
  • ·         Curriculum: College preparatory math will be implemented in our high school and middle school algebra classes.  Pilots of the Facing History and Ourselves curriculum program will be established in 9th grade social studies classes.

Big Change: How are we monitoring the 3X5 schedule?

  • ·         Scheduling team that is working with the district to look at class size, enrollment by subject/teacher/period, course need by trimester, pathway of access for students, and schedule conflicts.
  • ·         The scheduling team consists of administration, counselors and classified staff. The role of this team is to review the data during the 2012-2013 year, and craft a “rolling schedule” plan for 2 years.

How can parents get involved?

  • ·         Parents are welcome at CHS
  • ·         Need volunteers in the Tutor Center, working directly with students and teachers
  • ·         Need parents to help at the front desk each afternoon
  • ·         Need AVID tutors in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade AVID classroom


How can Parents give input?

  • We want to hear the things that are working, or not working, about your students schedule and their experience on the 3X5.  At any time, we want to have you email us with scheduling questions, concerns, and kudo’s.
    • Londa Rochholz-AP and master schedule leaders

    • Kim Finch-Principal

    • Morgan Christensen-Assistant Principal (9th and 10th administrator)



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