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Spring Sports registration-Volunteers needed! February 20th

Is your student interested in Spring Sports?  February 20th is the night to sign up.  Event will start at 5:30 and information will be send out via email of what needs to be completed.  If you do not receive email, make sure your student picks up the forms at school.  You can pay for the sport BEFORE February 20th (that is usually the longer wait line!)  Also, if you need to make financial arrangements, you can stop in and talk to the financial person ahead of time.

WE ALSO NEED VOLUNTEERS-10 to 12 to help process forms and keep the lines moving.  Usually request volunteers come 30 to 45 minutes early -quick orientation but generally you are just checking to make sure all the forms are completed and helping get people to the right area.

If interested, please contact Deb Vobora



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