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MAY LPA meeting

Lancer Parent Association Meeting Agenda May 14th, 2013
1.  EEF Information- Eugene Educational Fund was asked to attend this meeting to help parents understand how the fund works and how it also raises money for grants which many schools in the Churchill region receive. Questions around  the following: •How fast money can be accessed after it’s donated ( is it within a week of donation,  monthly, quarterly)-consider situations  donors pledge $500 but then donate so much per month into that equation. •Who can access the money?  Teacher, parents, etc •How do the schools access funds?  Do they need to show receipts for money spent?  Can they obtain the funds and then purchase the materials or supplies needed? 

2. Administrator report: update on accreditation, survey results of freshman and sophomores, other updates.

3. Site council report-Site council representative

4. Treasurer’s report-Kirsten Barnett

5. Request for graphing calculators for math department.-Does LPA want to provide money to math department?

6. Update on support for Churchill Students-Kirsten Barnett

7. Update on award night-Any volunteers needed-Janell Schoelhorn

8. Announcement for staff appreciation date- Theresa Mayne

9. Voting for Open  Officer positions for 2013-2014:

Co-chairperson- this can be two positions or a co-chairperson and vice co-chairperson. Secretary- this position has been open since February when the previous secretary had to resign. Descriptions of these positions are included in the LPA bylaws which are posted on the LPA website


Tuesday, May 14th at 7:00 pm

Room 35  Enter through Door #3


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