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8/24/2013 Red, White & Blue Scrimmage & BBQ

Here it is folks!

Aug 24 – Red, White & Blue Scrimmage & BBQ
AGENDA – Red, White & Blue Scrimmage

See attached & share with your friends & family. We want to make this an event to remember so get busy forwarding invitations to everyone you can. Send to your kids! Have them send out to all of their friends.

Btw, still could use a few helpers so kindly reply so we can plug you in. It is not our intent for any of us work the whole event. We all want to have fun too! So put in an hour or two then enjoy the rest of the events…

This is going to be great! AND I’m entering Mike & Tia’s “MEAN BEANS!!” in the cook-off challenge…
Furthermore, I hereby challenge all coaches all sports to put their best up against mine.

Let’s get it on!!

There’s NO entry fee so get to shoppn’choppn’grillin’smokin’bakin’&shakn’!

Be sure to contact Matt Noriega to enter!

Very best regards,
Mike Wilt
C Lancer Legacy Foundation
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