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Welcome, Freshmen!

The first mandatory day of school for freshmen is Tuesday, September 10. School starts at 8:40, and ends at 1PM. The campus opens at 8:00AM everyday.

New copies of student schedules will be handed out in the courtyard from 8:15-8:35, and lockers and locker combinations will be printed on these new schedules.

Students will meet in the GYM with all staff at 8:40 for a Welcome Assembly.

Throughout the day, there will be time for lockers, self-guided tours, 20 minutes of each class, and a free lunch from 12:30-1:00PM.

Students still needing to make changes to their schedules may schedule an appointment with counselors AFTER SCHOOL STARTS. There will be a week to get schedules finalized. In the meantime, students should ATTEND the classes on their current schedule, or they will be marked absent.

School will end at 1PM on the Freshmen Day, Tuesday, Sept. 10.

Wednesday, Sept. 11, is a late start, with classes beginning at 9:25AM.

ZERO PERIODS will begin at 7:30AM on Thursday, September 12.

Welcome to Churchill, and Go Lancers!

8:15-8:30 Courtyard – Freshmen Pick up Schedules
8:40-9:10 Auditorium – Welcome Assembly
9:15-10:00 Courtyard – Lockers/Self-guided tours
10:05-10:25 period 1
10:30-10:50 period 2
11:00-11:20 period 3
11:25-11:45 period 4
11:50-12:25 period 5
12:20-12:25 announcements/Student release
12:30-1:00 Lunch Available (free for all students)

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