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Mindset Survey

Click here to take the Mindset Survey!

One purpose of this survey is to collect and analyze data regarding perceptions of learning and to see where individuals’ mindsets may be similar and/or different from one another. Another function of this survey is to provide the user, you, a self-assessment of your mindset based on a series of responses to various statements and questions within this survey.

To be clear, this is NOT a test! It is an opinion survey designed to ask and gather your beliefs regarding intelligence, and your views on both learning and achievement. It is very important that you provide your own opinion and not what someone else thinks.

Thank you in advance for your participation.


Survey created for the University of Oregon: Analysis of Teaching & Learning EDLD 655

Dr. Zaho Yong, Non Cognitive Learning Skills Cohort 2013-2014

Copyright © 2002-2013 Mindset Works, Inc. Used with permission.

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