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Forecasting Information page is found under Students > Forecasting, or by clicking the following link:

The Churchill course catalog is available for your use and review.

Beginning May 5 through May 14 a team of people will be meeting with students during their second period class to review their transcript and to further explain the forecasting process. If a student is absent during the scheduled visit or does not have second period class, a follow up meeting with the student will occur.

The forecasting process is Part 1 when creating the master schedule. Part 2 is the construction phase to determine what classes will be offered and when they will be offered based on the least amount of conflict for students, staff and schedule constraints. Please note, the forecasting of classes does not reflect the exact schedule for the student. Based on the number of requests and the amount of student need along with number of staff available to teach the classes all play a factor in what the end product will be.

By the end of the school year there will be a draft schedule available online, however, it won’t be until August that our schedule is finalized. Viewing a student’s schedule will be available through studentvue and parentvue once the schedule has been finalized.

Like previous years, we may experience adjustments to staffing as we near the start of school which impacts new class and sometimes the rearrangement of offerings. In any case, a copy of the student’s interests will be kept and the counselors will be able to reference this if and when there is a question regarding the schedule.

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