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Monday, September 29, 2014

Churchill Equestrian Team:

Hey all you horse riders and equestrians–Did you know that Churchill’s Equestrian Team is the defending champions of the South Valley division?  We are having our first meeting of the year Wednesday.  Bring your lunch to the meeting and find out about competing on the team all year.  All interested riders are welcome! – Again, that’s the Churchill Equestrian Team meeting Wednesday, at lunch, in room J-28.

Lancer Gear:

Come buy some cool Lancer gear in the front office.  We have pom-poms, spirit beads, mega phones, foam fingers and much more.

Spirit Week:

Spirit week is coming.  Stay tuned for the themes!


GSA meeting, tomorrow at lunch in room F-49.

College and Career Center:

A representative from the Navy Officers Training Corp will be here today at lunch.  Meet in the College and Career Center.


Are there clubs on campus that you’re interested in?  If not, why not start one.  See Kevin Summerfield in the F-hall to find out how to get started. Club Fair is coming and we want you to be a part of it.

Club Fair:

Club fair is coming!  October 17th during lunch.  Advisers please turn in your club fair forms by Friday to Cindy in room B-17.


Homecoming is quickly approaching, October 18th.  Tickets will go on sale on October 8th at lunch.  $10.00 with ASB, $12.00 without ASB and $15.00 at the door– so buy early and save.

Please come and vote for your favorite songs to play at homecoming, this week during lunch at the planters. This will be the last week we will be doing this!  This is your time to have your voice be heard. At this time we will take any request that is school appropriate.


A Happy 18th Birthday to Emily Brown! Love your recycling buddies!!

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