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Direct Donation Drive 2014-15

Now through February 13th, Churchill High School is soliciting donations for the Direct Donation Drive. These donations will help fund necessary staffing for the school. You don’t need to wave signs, sell anything or make any phone calls. Just donate.

Churchill’s Staffing Needs

Churchill High School lost 15 hours of student support time over the past five years. Two specific areas of student support will be funded with your donation.

  • Campus supervisors: A campus our size should have no less than 12 hours per day of supervision. To reach this goal we need to add 2.5 hours per day to our current staffing. Campus supervisors are the staff members that make sure our school is safe and our students are in class. They are vital in creating a positive learning environment.
  • College and Career Center: Our college and Career Center has previously been supported by an 8 hour position. At this time the position is staffed for only 6 hours. To meet the many needs of our students and families, we need to add 2 hours to this position. Our College and Career Coordinator organizes all college visits and parent nights for financial aid. She helps students with internship, volunteer and job opportunities. She is also the staff member who ensures all our students have met graduation requirements.

Our goal is $30,000. This will provide needed, vital support for our students. We will reach our goal of $30,000 if every family gives $40.00. Please give whatever amount your family can afford. No amount is too large or too small. We value any support you give. All donations are tax deductible. There is still time to give and claim your donation on your 2014 tax return.

Ways to Give

  • Write a check: Make your check payable to “CHS.” Mail it to Churchill High School, Attn: Direct Donation Drive, 1850 Baily Hill Road, Eugene, Oregon 97405, or drop it off at the school office. Please include this form in your envelope.
  • Eugene Education Foundation: Visit or call 541-790-7744. Specify your donation to “CHS Staffing.” EEF donations can be made in the following ways:
    1.  Start automatic monthly payments to CHS,
    2.  Make a one-time donation,
    3.  Set up stock transfers.
  • Employer match programs: Check to see if your employer can sponsor a donation-matching program.

Pass on the word to those who would want to support your daughter/son’s education! Post on your social media sites and share with family!

Parents of seniors, your gift will benefit our school; just as last year’s outgoing senior families supported your child by donating to Churchill. We appreciate your legacy gifts.

Please fill out this form with your donation information and mail it or drop it off by February 13th to:

Churchill High School
Attn: Direct Donation Drive
1850 Baily Hill Road
Eugene, Oregon 97405

Click here to donate online through EEF. Specify your donation to “CHS Staffing.”


Staffing decisions are made at the end of February, and your donations will directly influence those decisions. Thank you for your ongoing support. If you have any questions, please contact BJ Blake,, or 541-790-5100.

With Gratitude,

BJ Blake

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