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Fall Sports Registration

CHS FALL SPORTS DROP-IN Registration Night

Tuesday, August 11, 4:00-6:00PM (Registration ends promptly at 6PM)


All students/parents wanting to participate in 2015-16 Fall Sports or Clubs must register Tuesday, August 11, 2015, 4-6PM. Registration ends promptly at 6PM.

Contact the Finance Office to check for and pay any outstanding fees, 541-790-5107.

Registration Night Requirements:

1. All registration forms must be properly signed and completed (all forms are posted at

2. All fees must be paid by August 11th, or a payment plan contract signed and approved, ***THIS INCLUDES “€œTRY-OUT”€ SPORTS.*** (Payments for sports requiring try-outs will not be processed right away. Following try-outs, any payment by a student making the team will be processed; payments by students not making the team will be returned. Please leave money orders blank.)

***Fees only may be paid early at the Churchill Finance Office, (August hours 9AM-12PM, 1PM-3PM, M-Th), prior to Aug. 11th. (At this time, fees may be paid by check/cashier’€™s check or cash only.) All other registration paperwork cannot be processed early, and must be submitted by a parent at the Aug. 11th Registration Night.

3. Each student must have a current sports physical on file that is good through December 20, 2015. A physician will be available to perform physicals ($20 each) at Churchill on August 12, 4-6PM.

4. Each student must be covered by insurance, with a group policy number noted on the student’s Athletic Eligibility Form. Students are NOT eligible for practice or try-outs until insurance is secured with a policy number! School insurance policies are available, but may take up to two weeks to process. Call the office at 541-790-5100 for more information.

5. Each student must have passed at least four classes 3rd Trimester the previous school year to be eligible, and must be enrolled in and passing four classes in 2015-16 1st Trimester. Grades will be checked prior to practice starting. Read more about academic requirements in the OSAA 2015-16 Handbook.

6. FEE REDUCTION POLICY (Free & Reduced Meal Status): In order to qualify for the Sports/Club Fee Reduction at registration, STUDENTS MUST PRESENT CURRENT DOCUMENTATION VERIFYING THEIR FREE & REDUCED MEAL STATUS. ***If there is no documentation at registration night, students are required to pay in full.***

  • APPLY ONLINE (Faster process!): You may complete an online Free & Reduced Meal Application at:
  • APPLY BY MAIL: Print and complete the Free & Reduced Application documents. REMEMBER! It takes up to ten days if applying by mail for Free & Reduced Meal status for documentation to be mailed home, so don’t delay!

See you Tuesday, August 11th, DROP-IN from 4:00-6:00 PM in the Cafeteria!
(CHS Finance Office will Be Closed Wednesday, August 12th, for sports processing.)

Questions? Call 541-790-5100

Go Lancers!!!

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