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Friday, June 10, 2016


All students must be in class for the ENTIRE class. If you are scheduled for a class, but are not attending, you may NOT be on campus. Students may not hang out on campus when they should be in class.


Students do you want to have a voice in your school? Have the opportunity to offer new activities and events, change the spirit and cutlure here, then join leadership for next year. As of now we have no senior class officers, and one ASB officier. Officiers are your voices.

West End:

“Little Mermaid” Performances start tonight and running Saturday, Sunday and next Tuesday, in the auditorium. Show times are tomorrow night 7:30pm. Saturday and Sunday, 2:00pm and 7:30pm, Tuesday night at 7:30pm. Come see this great play.

Attention all singers!

There will be vocal auditions for the Churchill Downing Street Singers today during lunch in the choir room. Auditions are open to ALL students from ALL backgrounds. There will be a signup sheet on the choir door, so be sure to get there to reserve your spot! All you need to prepare is a one minute solo of a song that you sound your best on. See you there!”

Grade Changes

Any student needing to change an Incomplete or grade from terms 1 or 2 MUST submit the signed change form before Friday , June 17 , the last day of school. After this date, ALL Incompletes will be changed to a “No Pass.” Check online for all your classes and grades from this year. If any need to be changed, see your counselor as soon as possible for a grade change form.

Work Study:

Resumes are now being accepted for Work Study positions open at Churchill region schools. Positions begin Fall 2016. Interested sophomores and juniors need to turn in their resume to Mary Beth in the School-to-Career office in the STEM building today.

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