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Archives for July2016

Athletic Registration FAQs

Questions Answers
How do I create a new user account in the ATS Athlete Portal? Go to ATS Athlete Portal. Enter this account information:

  • Athlete ID: NEW
  • Password: NEW
  • Database: ATSeugene4j

Click “Login.”

I followed the instructions to create a new user account, but nothing happened. What do I do? Some web browsers are not fully compatible with the ATS Athlete Portal. Try using Chrome or Firefox.
What should I put in the Athlete ID field? The Athlete ID is like your username for the ATS system. You will use it next time you log in to the ATS Athlete Portal. Choose an Athlete ID that you will remember. We do not recommend using your student ID number.
Why doesn’t anything happen when I click “Save Athlete Information?” Review all the tabs on the Athlete Information page (General, Insurance, and Contact). Make sure all yellow fields are completed. Yellow fields are mandatory, and must be completed before you can save your information. If you have completed all mandatory fields and are still unable to save your information, you may need to switch to the Chrome or Firefox web browser.


Churchill Night at the Ems

Come support our Churchill students!

Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the 2017 Graduation Party, a fun and safe event for our graduating students on graduation night.

CHS Ems night flier2