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CHS Site Council Meeting 2/15/17

Members present: Kirsten Barnett, Krista Cummings, Morgan Christensen, Sharon Ramirez-Cruz, Roger Bascue, Steve Grossberg, Heather Penfold,

Not present: Jenne Bender, Erin Crew, Alejandro Garcia, Amy Duncan, Julia Campbell

Chair: Kirsten Barnett

I. Approve minutes from previous meeting:

No Quorum

II. Community Connections:


III. Set Agenda:

A. 50th Anniversary All

August 18

Student registration?

12:00 – 1:00 Food trucks

1:00 – 2:30 Auditorium (music, welcome, video/slides), guest speakers,

2:30 – 5:00 Tours, photo time, performance 1 & 2, Library and STEM

Possible game night?

IV. New Business

A. 50th Anniversary All


Map backwards the plan for the event. Next time bring in plan for team to review.

V. Stakeholder Check-In:

Parents – Would like to know more about how the dissemination of funds occur throughout schools and the district. In addition, it has been requested that additional communication about opportunity for students and families to participate in at CHS. The parents are requesting that there are

Students – Students are aware of the new calendar for the rest of the year. Students are working toward inclusiveness and solidarity in both school and the community.

Staff – Staff continues to help one another from helping cover classes to supporting one another. Teachers are preparing for testing of SBAC. The junior teachers will be providing the workkeys in class and work samples later in the year. We are halfway through the school year. Staff has been helping support students and one another since the since the start the new year.

Classified – Many school events are in places right now and are coming. Be sure to check the website and G-lancer.

Administration – We are preparing for forecasting for 2017-18. Staffing for next will be announced soon.

VI. Old Business

Map backwards the plan for the event.

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