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Site Council Meeting 3/8/17

Members present: Kirsten Barnett, Krista Cummings, Morgan Christensen, Steve Grossberg, Heather Penfold,

Not present: Erin Crew, Alejandro Garcia, Amy Duncan, Julia Campbell, Sharon Ramirez-Cruz, Roger Bascue

Chair: Kirsten Barnett

I. Approve minutes from previous meeting:

No Quorum

II. Community Connections:


III. Set Agenda:

50th Anniversary – All

IV. New Business

Notes: Parking lot – Smartways to school – Bike, Skate and Walk

V. Stakeholder Check-In:

Parents – A lot is happening at school with testing and graduation preparation.

Students –

Staff – The use of “No Red Ink” software for Language Arts classes has been an effective tool. The new system of assessing students for the Oregon Essential Skills. We have reduced the number of classes required to remediate student skills which has provided additional elective classes.

Classified – Request to look at the preferred process for parents requesting students to be picked up from school.

Administration – We are in the process of putting together the staffing plan for 2017-18. In addition, students have been working on completing their forecasting plan for next year. Student will have until March 17 to complete their forecasting requests. Middle school visitation will occur in April followed by an enrollment night for new incoming students.

VI. Old Business

  • August 18
    • Student registration?
    • 12:00 – 1:00 Food trucks
    • 1:00 – 2:30 Auditorium (music, welcome, video/slides), guest speakers,
    • 2:30 – 5:00 Tours, photo time, performance 1 & 2, Library and STEM Possible game night?
  • Action Steps:
    • CHS Home Page – Social Media
    • Create a spot for more information – Clock countdown to event
    • Event flyer creation – Ask Lance’s graphic 4 class
    • Human interest Stories – Register Guard (Steve H – Don S) Winston Churchill High Alumni Community Group
    • Ask Jill for sending out information
    • Connect with students for Leap project, alumni students
    • Reach out to families from

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