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CHS Site Council Meeting 4/19/17

Members present: Kirsten Barnett, Krista Cummings, Morgan Christensen, Heather Penfold,
Julia Campbell, Alejandro Garcia, Erin Crews, Steve Grossberg
Not present : Sharon Ramirez-Cruz, Roger Bascue, Amy Duncan
Chair: Kirsten Barnett
I. Approve minutes from previous meeting:
II. Community Connections:
III. Set Agenda:
50th Anniversary of Churchill – August 18th
IV. New Business –
50th Anniversary Ideas
AVID students will be
Retro t -shirt design
School pencils and school notebooks with names
V. Stakeholder Check-In:
Parents – Shout out to Kevin Summerfield and the CHS Senior students walk through
elementary schools. The students and parents appreciated the experience. The awards night
was a great venue, however, there was about the length of time. The discussion about
graduation cords. Parents were requesting clearer communication about school events (e.g.,
school performances, graduation, calendar, athletics etc.) The events on the calendar, however
there is question whether the information could be easier to navigate.
Students – Leadership has completed / revised Churchill constitution. Feedback on the use of
handing out mental health info for mental health month. Students leadership will be meeting
before school starts in September. Parents commented that leadership did an excellent job this
year. Staff commented that club carnal last week went well.
Staff – 100% of all seniors meet essential skills. This summer, there will be day for students to
test and meet state requirements. Grades being due a day after school is out is a concern for
some teachers. With seniors ending early, teachers report that is it strange with the two week
difference. Teachers are flexible and working to meeting all the need of students.
Classified – Front office has been going smooth and helping students finish up the year.
Administration – Preparing for graduation and end of the year tasks.
VI. Old Business

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