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2017 Halloween Costume Rules

Students are encouraged express themselves by wearing Halloween costumes. Costumes must follow the 4J district and CHS dress codes as outlined in the 4J Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook and the Churchill Student Handbook.

  • Costumes must not distract from learning.
  • No masks may be worn.
  • No weapons of any kind may be brought to school, including any fake, toy, or prop weapons.
  • Students should not dress as another person’s race, religion or culture. A costume can be of a character or an individual who is of another race/religion/culture than your child, but not of a generalized race or ethnicity religion or culture. Costumes should not be caricatures or mocking representations of any group.
  • Students will be asked to change clothes in the event their attire is deemed inappropriate for a school setting.
  • Finally, be creative and have fun!

4J Student Rights and Responsibilities:

Churchill Student Handbook:

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