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Graduation at a G’Lance, 6/10

Churchill Graduating Students and Families,

Graduation is this Tuesday! Check the graduation webpage for continuing updates through the end of June at We are redesigning our website. Starting in July you can find us at

Graduation Day Detailed Schedule

Remember, graduation rehearsal is mandatory for all graduates who want to participate in graduation. Students who do not attend the rehearsal and have not made prior arrangements will not be allowed to participate in the ceremony.

You can download the Grad Day Student Agenda HERE. It includes all graduation-day events and details of what to expect at rehearsal.

Diploma Pick Up June 25

Diplomas will be available to pick up starting on June 25. Diplomas will be held until all library books are turned in and gowns provided by Churchill are returned.

Technology Notice

Once you graduate, your 4J email, 4J Google drive, and 4J Files1 are no longer accessible. Copy any data you wish to keep to an external drive or to your personal Google drive before you go.

If you are using your 4J email for your Naviance account, you must change it to a personal email to avoid losing access to Naviance.

Unreserved Tickets are Sold Out

All students will be able to pick up their 6 reserved tickets, but additional unreserved tickets are no longer available. If you have already picked up tickets that you know you will not use, please return your extra tickets to the office, so we can distribute them to students who will use them.

Any unclaimed reserved tickets will be made available at graduation rehearsal on the morning of June 12. First priority will be given to students who have not received any tickets, then to students who received only their six reserved tickets, and finally to students who have already picked up more than their six reserved tickets.

Donating or Returning your Gown

Two blue bins will be available at the Hult Center after graduation for students to return or donate their gowns. You may also turn in or donate your gown at the graduation party, or at the front office when you come to pick up your diploma.

Gowns borrowed from Churchill or purchased by Churchill are due back to the school before you pick up your diploma. The cap and tassel are yours to keep.

Rules for Cap Decorations and How to Wear Your Cap and Gown

Churchill allows graduates to express themselves by decorating their caps for graduation. All cap decorations must be school-appropriate and 2-dimensional. Nothing should stick up on top or hang down below the mortarboard. The mortarboard should be parallel to the ground.

Graduation gowns must be worn correctly, with fronts fully zipped over school-appropriate clothing. Administrators may check under gowns if they suspect inappropriate dress or items that do not belong on the graduation stage, such as noisemakers, beach balls, or other props.

Honor cords, stoles, medals, and pins are provided through the school or district and must be approved by the school administration. Culturally-significant regalia is permitted. Culturally-significant regalia includes ceremonial accessories or attire that are significant to the graduate’s culture as a whole and appropriate to the culture’s traditional rites of passage. This does not include items that are of personal significance to the graduate. School-appropriate jewelry and items of personal significance may be worn in a way that does not detract from the uniform appearance of the cap and gown.

Example pictures of appropriate and inappropriate graduation dress and cap decorations are included in the Graduation Information Night Presentation on the Graduation webpage.

The Graduation Checklist

The Graduation Checklist is updated every Friday and posted on the graduation website at and in the front office, or click HERE.

June 12, Graduation Day

7:30 am: Senior Breakfast at Eugene Faith Center

9:30 am: Graduation Rehearsal** at the Hult Center

11 am: Graduation Performer Rehearsal at the Hult Center

6 pm: Class Cap and Gown Photo at the Hult Center

7 pm: Graduation Ceremony at the Hult Center Silva Hall (Churchill Band and graduates will provide prelude music. Arrive early, by 6:45, to hear them all.)

11 pm: Graduation Party! at the University of Oregon Recreation Center

IHS events in blue. | *Lunch times: Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 12:30-1:00; Wed 12:50-1:20 | **Mandatory
The Graduation Party is a community-sponsored event. Liability is the responsibility of the organizers of the event.

Jill Reents
Secretary, Graduation Coordinator

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