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Graduation at a G’Lance, 6/17

Churchill Graduates and Families,

Congratulations! We are so proud of all of you for your great accomplishments. We have just a few final announcements.

Graduation Pictures from Lifetouch

You can order your student’s graduation photos at

  1. Click on “FIND YOUR EVENT”
  2. Next to “Select Event Type:” select “Graduations”
  3. Select Oregon for the state
  4. In the “School or Organization Keyword:” textbox, type in “Churchill”
  5. Click “FIND.”
  6. Select “Winston Churchill High School Commencement 2018”

Photos will be uploaded by June 22. Sign up now to receive an email when the pictures are ready to view.

Diploma Pick Up June 25

Diplomas will be available to pick up starting on June 25. Diplomas will be held until all library books are turned in and gowns provided by Churchill are returned. If you have lost a book or your gown, come talk to us and we’ll work it out.

Donating or Returning your Gown

You may turn in or donate your gown at the front office when you come to pick up your diploma. Gowns borrowed from Churchill or purchased by Churchill are due back to the school before you pick up your diploma. The cap and tassel are yours to keep.

Technology Notice

Once you graduate, your 4J email, 4J Google drive, and 4J Files1 are no longer accessible. Copy any data you wish to keep to an external drive or to your personal Google drive before you go.

If you are using your 4J email for your Naviance account, you must change it to a personal email to avoid losing access to Naviance.

Requesting Final Transcripts

If you have not already requested your final transcript, do so now!!

It is your responsibility to find out if your school requires a final transcript. Typically community colleges do not require a final transcript. Should the community college you will be attending want one, please find out what office needs the transcript. Typically they want a paper copy. You can email Sheree at before June 20th or the CHS Registrar, Trisha Jackson, after June 20th if you need a paper copy. In your email include the name of the college and the office at the college you want the transcript sent to.

As soon as your graduation date is posted, approximately June 22nd, we will begin sending final transcripts. If the request is not in by June 21st, we cannot guarantee your transcript will arrive at your college/university by their due date.

To request your final transcript:

  1. Log into your Naviance account. Your username is probably the email address you check. If you are getting emails from me and Mary Beth at a certain email address, that’s the one you used as your username. If you don’t know your password, use the “I forgot my password” function
  2. Click on “colleges I’m applying to”
  3. Click on the pencil icon next to the college to which you need your final transcript to be sent
  4. Under the name of the college you will be attending, change the result to “accepted”
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Update Applications”
  6. On the same page, scroll up a bit and click on “transcripts”
  7. Under “transcripts” click on “Request transcripts for my college applications”
  8. You will see Request Final Transcripts and the name of the college you will attend. Click on the button next to the college’s name
  9. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “request transcripts”

Download these directions here.

There are circumstances where you might not be able to complete steps 8 and 9. If that is the case, email Sheree to correct the problem.

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