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Lancer Accolades

Student Spaceflight Experiment Program (SSEP) Finalists

Student Spaceflight Experiment Program

Here are the finalists for the SSEP.  Very impressive! We will know which proposal will be chosen to fly on the International Space Shuttle by December 18th.

Salvica Hispanica in Microgravity

For our experiment we are proposing that we send Salvica Hispanica seeds into space to see if they can grow. If they work then that will mean that we can send the seeds into space so that astronauts can have a large source full of protein, fiber, calcium, and other vitamins and nutrients all in one plant. Salvica Hispanica is a great and healthy food that can be put into many different meals and can be prepared many different ways.

Students: Daniel Campos, Alex Kanning, Miranda Thiesmeyer, Kylie Miles, and Sophia Van Sell from Churchill, Jacob Roach Grade 7 from ATA

Sea Monkey Astronauts-The Life Cycle of Artemia nyos in Microgravity

Our group decided to focus our experiment around the topic of marine life in space. Brine Shrimp, which are a very sturdy animal that does not need any special accommodations, will be the subject of our experiment. On Earth everything is effected by gravity one way or another. Organisms have muscles in their body to lift and push themselves away from Earth’s gravitational pull. Aquatic life is no different. Organisms have muscles to push on the water around them in order to not sink from gravity trying to pull it down. Our experiment is intended to take that variable, gravity, and decrease its strength and record the effects. Since we are not able to send a camera, or other electronics, up to the ISS to watch every move, we plan on recording the data in a few other ways. One of which will be food consumption. We can hold a control down on Earth and track the difference in the amount of food that is consumed. By that we can make assumption as to which group of shrimp are burning more energy.

Students: Alexander Cordova, Aileen Hernandez, Beau Scott, Sierra Squires Grade 11 and Brycen Spencer, Gabe Peterson-DeGroff Grade 12

SLIPS in Microgravity

Does Slippery Liquid-Infused Porous Surfaces (SLIPS) decrease the scale of an omniphobic surface in microgravity? An Omniphobic Surface scale is a measurement of how slippery something is. SLIPS is the world’s slipperiest substance, it has been out for half a year, and is based off the functionality of the pitcher plant. After it rains pitcher plants keep raindrops as a film on the edge of their mouth so that when ants walk on the rim, they slip into their stomach. SLIPS only does one thing, it makes a surface of a solid slippery so that no liquid can touch the face of the solid that’s coated. We are testing SLIPS in a microgravity environment to find out if it has the same properties as it does on Earth. If it does it could possibly solve frost-over for rockets at launch and in microgravity. We will be using a type 3 FME. Inside volume 1 we will have a cotton ball. Inside Volume 2, there is an aluminum strip 12.5mm x 35mm coated with SLIPS on one side. In volume 3 there will be 1.5ml of corn syrup. The tube will be coated on the inside with SLIPS in both volume 2 and 3. In this experiment we are hoping to solve frost-over on the ISS with SLIPS by finding if SLIPS can not only stay on the face of a solid but still make liquids slip off of the solid.

Students:  Kobe Skidmore, Ray Newell, Garrett Price Grade 8- ATA

Congratulations All-State and WIBC Students!

IMG_0897Churchill High School had 9 students who auditioned and were accepted to attend the Western International Band Clinic in Seattle.

These students will perform concerts with internationally renowned conductors as well as the world-famous Canadian Brass.

  •  Autumn Griffin
  • Nathan Nouzille
  • Jacob Gibbs
  • Isabel Huey
  • Victoria Kaiser
  • Aja Roundtree
  • William Todd
  • James Tong
  • Dylan Whitney

These students were also accepted by audition into the Oregon All State Band and Choir

  • All-State Choir: Emily Westlund
  • All-State Band: Victoria Kaiser

Churchill Student Wins Beatbox Tournament

Dakota "Shortstack Beatbox" Seven at the "Golden Gate Battles” beatbox championship in San Francisco, September 2015.

Dakota “Shortstack Beatbox” Seven. Dakota won the “Golden Gate Battles” beatbox championship in San Francisco, September 2015.

PRESS RELEASE 9/28/15: BREAKING NEWS—> 14-Year-Old Eugene High School Student WINS Golden Gate Battles in San Francisco, CA.

Madison Meadow Music is pleased to announce the crowning of our very good friend, Dakota “Shortstack Beatbox” Seven as the champion of this weekend’s “Golden Gate Battles” beatbox tournament in San Francisco, on the evening of Sunday, September 27, 2015.

Dakota Seven, 14 (a.k.a. “Shortstack Beatbox”) was winner out of 55 participants in the single elimination series of beatbox contests hosted by SYzYgY at the Honey Hive Gallery in San Francisco, California and sponsored by Beatbox Without Borders: Think Outside the Beatbox, Swissbeatbox, States Of Beatbox, and The Honey Hive Gallery. The event was organized by Austin “Wobbles Beatbox” O’Brien and American Beatbox Archive. The competition was judged by Beat Rhino, Francisco ‘Frisco’ Romero, and Luis Iturbide.

A freshman at Churchill High School in Eugene, Oregon, Shortstack has been in high school for less than a month. The winner of five awards at last April’s “Make A Band” Competition in
Eugene, Dakota has been a crowd favorite at the Hop Valley Tasting Room’s “Scotty’s Student Showcase” series, as well as the Ambience Crew at the Oregon Country Fair, and most recently, as a drummer for Bella Steel. He will be making a cameo appearance at The Sugar Beets’ 25-Year “Silver Anniversary Ball” at the MacDonald Theater in Eugene on Saturday, October 24.

Bandmate Scotty Perey (Bella Steel / The Sugar Beets / The Shedd Institute’s “Magical Moombah”) says of Dakota, “We can say, enthusiastically and without reservation, that not only is Dakota a walking, breathing, living embodiment of everything rhythmic and funky, his amazing musical talents are equalled by his character. He is one of *the* sweetest, kindest, and most humble people you will ever meet. He is in it for all the right reasons, a wonderful example and role model for the rest of us. He is the epitome of the expression ‘It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.'”

for more info contact:

Churchill Student Published in Canvas Literary Journal

Josephine Christon’s story was chosen for publication in the Canvas Literary Journal out of submissions from students around the nation. She wrote the story for an assignment in Mrs. Swartz’s class in our IHS program. Josephine will be a Junior at Churchill this year.

Mangiare by Josephine Christon

Congratulations to Bella Anglin, Recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholarship!

Bella Anglin is one of 1000 recipients out of a pool of 52,000 applicants for the Gates Millennium Scholarship. Bella keeps the CHS tradition going; we have had 6 recipients in the last 5 years – the most of any school in Eugene-Springfield and perhaps the state. The scholarship, sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, will pay for all of Bella’s undergraduate and graduate education. Bella will be attending Seattle University next fall. Congratultions to her and to all who helped her on the journey!

Gilma Greenhoot Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations out to Imani Beasley and Jasmeane Perez, recipients of the Gilma Greenhoot scholarship. The scholarship is for $3500, renewable for up to 4 years.

Congratulations to the Churchill equestrian Team!

With only two scoring riders on the Churchill Equestrian team, the pair was still one of the top “teams” in the “small schools” division. Freshman Kendall Nickerson excelled in being named a First Alternate to the state championships in both dressage and hunt seat equitation! Junior Erin Dose closed out the season with her new horse Dusty, doing especially well in showmanship. Team manager/groom Madaya Stoker didn’t have a horse available this season, but was a terrific help in braiding tails and manes, saddling horses, feeding, and giving support to her teammates. Many thanks to Adviser Jill Dose and Coach Kelly Carroll.

Note:  Any CHS students interested in participating on the Equestrian Team next year should give their name and email to Counselor Katy McAuliffe to be notified of summer acitivities.

Churchill Artists Score Big In Art Show

Five Churchill artists submitted work in the 10th annual LCC High School Art Show. The show included more than 60 pieces and was juried by a panel of LCC art department faculty and local artists. Sophomore Josie Christon’s mixed media piece entitled “The Falling In Dancing” took home the 3rd place award and $100 cash. Junior Sophia Van Sell’s self portrait earned the “Titan Award” and junior Cameron Cummings’ public awareness campaign entitled “Mental Breakdown” earned honorable mention accolades.  Also participating were seniors Cullen O’Grady and Jenny Broich who’s graphic design public awareness campaign designs were selected to display. The show runs through April 22nd in the LCC Art Gallery in building 11. 

LCC art show 2015

West End students backstage at Eugene Opera’s Sweeney Todd

West End at Opera Academy

Highlights from AVID-ize

AVID: Advancement via Individual Determination AVID is a regularly scheduled elective class that prepares students with academic potential for success in advanced high school classes and in college. AVID is designed to accelerate  learning, develop reading, writing and critical thinking skills for higher-­‐level inquiry, and provides support so that students can meet the expectations of rigorous courses. In addition, students get to know a group of like-­‐minded and dedicated classmates who share the same vision: to graduate from high school with honors, prepared to go on to college. The AVID Family supports students’ hopes and dreams for their future education.

Churchill High School hosted an AVID event called “AVID-ize” on Tuesday, February 24. This year, there were 600+ people coming to our school from across the district to learn more about AVID. We had guests from out of our district and school board members attending. Our motivational presenter, Roy Juarez Jr. talked to students about “Be the Change and Mold the Future.” This was the Second Annual AVID-ize event for 4J, and we are incredibly proud of our students who ran this event by having a handful of MCs speaking from start to finish.

Here are a few pictures of the event.