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LPA Minutes

Lancer Parent Association Minutes January 23, 2017

  • LPA Key Topics
    • How do we engage families in the LPA?
      • Parent education
        • Internet safety, mobile device platform – Bring Officer Wollgamott to the next meeting.
        • College and Career Readiness
        • SAIL
        • Children’s mental health or family support network
      • Keep website and social media updated
      • Parents want to know what are our goals
      • Categorize needed information by grade level
      • Spanish interpretation and Spanish-speaking volunteers (McCornack does a good job; we can check with them for suggestions)
      • Include Site Council in Parent Update
    • Membership Needs – Officers
  • School Choice Updates
  • 50th Anniversary Update
    • Alumni Luncheon – Tell your friends
  • Teacher Appreciation Planning
    • Nurse/counselors/classified
  • GOTO
    • Snow days
    • Parking lot
    • Band performances
    • Food carts
    • Homecoming – Alumni
    • Buttons
    • Guest speakers
    • Auditorium Session

Next Meeting: February 27, 2017

Lancer Parent Association Minutes 10/27/14

Click HERE to read the minutes from the October 27, 2014 LPA meeting.

April LPA meeting minutes

Lancer Parent Association Meeting

April 16th, 2013

Agenda Item Action/Follow up
  1. 1.       Special Update: Bond Measure-Joy Marshall
  2. a.       Review of bond measures-while majority goes to new building, other money goes to the following:
  • ·       New technology
  • ·       Instructional materials
  • ·       General school safety/security/building repairs and equipment

25% of people in Eugene have students in public schools.  May 3 ballots will be mailed out.  Average cost per household will be $42.00.

Money from this bond cannot go to staffing.  Staffing dollars come from general funds which are generated by income tax.


Parents were provided with small signs they can post to show their support.
  1. b.      Stand for Children:

Review of suggestions of what parents can do to reach Oregon Legislators to support schools.  Parents can go to Stand for Children website for more information or contact Joy Marshall.  If you don’t know who your Senator or Representative are you can go to this website and type in your demographic information and find out who to send an email or letter to:


Encourage parents to find out who your state legislator is and send them an email requesting their support for Oregon school.
  1. 2.       Administrative Report-Londa Rochholz
  2. a.       Update on # of students-currently at about 1061 students. No large losses from the start of school.   Overall, slight increase in numbers in 4J enrollment.  Currently working on list for in-district transfers.   There is a cap on in-district transfers and working through the list.
  3. b.      Working on staffing plan- still need to determine final count of students.
  4. c.       Questions about recent process at Kennedy to help with forecasting.  Some material was sent home in hardcopy form, information went to students so unless students told parents, parents did not know about the request for information.  Parents unsure what to do with the forms they have completed.
  5. d.      Grand opening of new STEM building was on April 9 (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).  Good turnout of community members.  STEM was build through a grant and staffing was provided for this past school year by that grant.  Kay Fullerton has been working on various grants to support the schools.

Question:  If we see a potential grant that may be helpful for Churchill, who do we contact?  Answer: Contact one of the three administrators at CHS-Kim Finch, Londa Rochholz or Morgan Christensen first with the information.

Question: Will there be a separate STEM curriculum or program similar to IHS or another full program?

Answer: STEM will have a pathway but not a separate program.

  1. e.       Accreditation Team-Coming April 30th  This is done by the NW Association of Schools and Colleges and on-site survey is done every 6 years. Annual written reports are required as well.










Action: Londa to contact middle school principals and request they communicate with parents about what to do with their forms.  Information needs to go directly to parents versus going out through students

  1. 3.       Site Council report:

Accreditation business was the focus of the last meeting but parent representation requested the following to help with communication from administration:

  1. a.       Site council needs to be on the CHS calendar- review during meeting showed that it was but parents have mentioned that they do not always find it on the monthly calendar.
  2. b.      Post minutes- it is a public meeting and minutes need to be posted so parents can see what the site council is doing and talking about.
  3. c.       Listing of Site council members and contact emails so parents know who to contact if they have questions.
  4. d.      Awards Ceremony for Seniors and Juniors: This event has traditionally been held at the end of the year.  Covers a great many areas from sports, drama, clubs, scholarships, etc.  In the past, Betsy in the career center has organized but her hours were reduced so there was concern the event would be cancelled.  Janell Schoellhorn and 8 to 10 other parents are meeting twice week to work on the many tasks behind this even.  The group meets on in the career center when it’s closed on the following dates and times for a couple of hours:

i.      Tuesday’s- after 12:00pm

ii.      Friday-after 2:00 pm







Administration will be working to make sure this information is posted to the Churchill website for parents and others to view.




Anyone interested in helping with the Award Ceremony at the end of the year can either attend the work parties in the Career Center during those stated times and dates or contact Janell Schoellhorn ( if you have questions .

  1. 4.       Education Educational Fund

Review of material on how EEF works, a small percent of donations to each school are put into a general fund and distributed via grants. The fact that some of the money donated through this organization does not all go to Churchill has created concern by some parents.   While Churchill HS does not have high utilization or donations via this system, the school receives a significant amount of grants per year.  It is an easy way to donate and claim donations as a tax deduction.   Questions around  the following:

  • ·       How fast money can be accessed after it’s donated ( is it within a week of donation,  monthly, quarterly)-consider situations  donors pledge $500 but then donate so much per month into that equation.
  • ·       Who can access the money?  Teacher, parents, etc
  • ·       How do the schools access funds?  Do they need to show receipts for money spent?  Can they obtain the funds and then purchase the materials or supplies needed?

Note:  Correction has been made to attached handout which was provided  during meeting -amount spend to set up 501(3) (c ) at Kennedy for StarQuest was $6000, not $1600.



Action:  Margaret will contact EEF and request a visit from their new director at the May meeting and provide more information and show the breakdown of how other schools in Churchill region benefit from the grants, as well as answer questions from the group.


  1. 5.       Fundraising for Churchill-update

A few parents have been meeting with 4J CFO and CHS administration to understand what is allowed and not allowed by parent groups fundraising.  Margaret has drafted a summary of what is and is not okay but just sent off to 4J on Friday.  The draft will be reviewed and eventually, 4J hopes to be able to post an understandable fact sheet on this topic to the 4J website and for schools to use to help keep parents in compliance.  More information to come.



FYI-more information to come at next meeting
  1. 6.       Review and request for graphing calculators for math department. 

Review of request to help purchase additional graphing calculators for math department. With the increase in students, there is a need to add more calculators for use in the classes


 If parents have any unused calculators, please contact the math department at CHS.  Explore opportunity to donate funds for these through EEF through specific fund or from LPA funds.  To be determined at May meeting.
  1. 7.       Support for Churchill Students

Review of need and request by teacher to provide healthy snacks to students.   Margaret has contacted 4J to make sure there are no issues with working to set up a process to provide snacks to students at no cost.  There are opportunities to expand program and work to make sure students are accessing already existing programs either at school or within the community. With reduced budgets, this may rely on volunteers to work with the school to create a program –request small group to continue to continue to support this small pilot within one classroom until end of school term and also explore possibilities for coming school year.


The following parents will be working with one of the teachers and administration to work on a pilot project until the end of the year and then assess opportunities for next year:

Kirsten Barnett,

Misty Hill,

Wendy Gangwer, and 

Lucas Mericantante


If you are interested, contact Kirsten Barnett at


  1. 8.       Open  Officer positions for 2013-2014:


Co-chairperson- this can be two positions or a co-chairperson and vice co-chairperson.

Secretary- this position has been open since February when the previous secretary had to resign.

Descriptions of these positions are included in the LPA bylaws which are posted on the LPA website

These openings were posted via all parent email sent on April 15th as part of this meeting agenda.  Anyone interested in serving in one of these roles or needing more information, please contact Maggie Beals at
Mike Wilt was unable to attend to give an update on the work of the group working on the concession stand as they were busy working on the plans during this meeting.  No additional comments or questions by the group and meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.  


Minutes submitted by Maggie Beals, Co-Chairperson, LPA

February Parent Meeting Minutes

Minutes from Lancer Parent Association Meeting

Feb. 12, 2013

1.       Announcements:

Volunteers still needed for WISE symposium: volunteers can call Theresa Hilkey or email her at  Starts at 1:30, needs chaperons from 3 to 5:30 pm and some clean up help from 5:30 to 6:30. 

Site Council update: Approved LPA request to provide $192.00 to math competition team to cover entry fees. LPA is asking teachers to submit requests for needed equipment or supply costs to Julie Butler. Julie will compile list and submit to LPA to consider and work on funds during a direct drive donation this year. Will need parents interested to work on direct drive this spring.  General discussion about fundraising and Site council also discussed Churchill’s  upcoming accreditation event. 

Fundraising and parent association roles: Talking to other high schools to learn more about what and how parent associations function and are organized.  Showed graph of LPA meeting attendance over 3 school years and even with 1000 students, general attendance at meetings is less than 20.  Even with education and other offerings at meetings, still very difficult for parents to find time to attend meetings and raises the question do we need a parent association?  Discussed other ways to function and provide fundraising for Churchill.  Have not done direct drive this year-asking teachers what they need and will compile list and see if that helps with fundraising with distinct and state needs.  Also need to learn more about 4J financial rules.  There is some confusion about clubs and sports that have tax ID numbers a which gives the group or individuals  control of funds and distribution of funds.   However, if they are not a 501(c)(3 ), parents and sponsors CANNOT claim donations as tax deductible unless they are donating directly to the school OR the club or sport has attained a 501(c) (3 ) status which requires a board of directors and other formal processes. 

Concession Building project: A few parents are working to build a new concession stand to support athletics.  Concession stand would support many of Churchill’s outside events as well as provide additional fundraising when outside facilities are utilized by other groups such as Kidsports and others.  There is a facebook page now so you can learn more and help spread the news. Parents working on this would encourage you all to “LIKE” & “SHARE” with as many as you can. We will post more info, updates and progress. We look forward to your comments.

CHS spring sport registration night:  If your student is interested in spring sports, registration will be Wednesday, February 20th at 5:30 pm in Churchill Auditorium.  You can pay fees or make payment arrangements prior to registration night during office hours at Churchill. 

Legally Blond– still a few more performance nights to catch this wonderful musical if you haven’t already.  Feb. 14th, Feb. 22, 23 and 24th -7:30 pm Churchill Auditorium

Spirit Week at CHS –Special days and Dance!   Valentine’s day is SuperHero Day, Fancy Day is on Friday, the 15th.  There is also a “Glow Dance” on Friday, February  15th, 9:00 pm after the basketball game!

March 12th Parent Association meeting:  parent education from “stand for children” group.  Information on how state decides funding for education as well as what parents can do to at a state level.   Meeting in room F36-Entrance through Door #3.  7:00 pm  Open to all parents from elementary to high school.

2.       Administrative Report: Londa Rochholz, Assistant Principal


  •   Information coming out about school funding for next year.  Still unknown but concern that there could be close to 21 million cut to 4J district alone.  Still too early to know what will happen with state budget.
  •  April 9th will be the grand opening of the new STEM department. 
  •  Update on the professional development program that teachers are participating in.  There was an article in the Register Guard discussing the importance of teacher development.  Some of the topics covered is about learning “how different students learn” and developing curriculum and lesson plans to enhance that learning.
  •   Third trimester class schedule will be posted on Churchill website soon. 
  •   Last month Churchill launched virtual classrooms.  This was the first semester and 26 Churchill students signed up.  While the semester is closed for more sign up at this time, the program will open again in the fall and students and parents are encouraged to consider classes in this program, especially if students do have some open times in their schedule or a special interest.
  • Sports update:  Wrestling has 11 going to state, Swimming has 4, and Basketball is coming into the playoff season-if you haven’t had a chance to attend an event, check out the calendar and support a team.
  •  Grants received from Eugene Educational Fund to Churchill programs:
Churchill High AVID Field Trip $ 2,000.00
Churchill High Donor Sponsored Band Instrument Repair $ 500.00
Churchill High Marine Biology Field Trip $ 2,000.00
Churchill High Technology for CPM Curriculum $ 2,000.00
Churchill High Extended High School Educational Funding $ 2,000.00
Churchill High Materials for Foundational Reading Program $ 500.00
Churchill High West End Academy for the Performing Arts $ 2,000.00

 3.       Request from Senior Graduation party-$350.00

Request for funds that will be used to cover costs of tickets for graduating seniors who would like to attend party but may be a little short on cash.  Request approved and going to site council for final approval.

November 2012 LPA minutes

Lancer Parent Association November 27, 2012

Meeting called to order at 7:02pm

Treasurer Report – Kirsten Barnett Account balance of $2471.45 182 student directories have been order at a cost of $3 each

Administrative Report – Londa Rochholz It has been an exciting fall Current enrollment is 1088 (297 fr, 250 so, 266 jr, 275 sr) • Staffing is based on enrollment • Schedules for the new trimester went out to students on Wednesday (November 21)  Students may request a schedule change through their counselor this week.  Any change requests next week will require parent and teacher signature.  Achievement Compact (replaces No Child Left Behind) • Staff is just becoming familiar with requirements; more will be known following a meeting later this week • General discussion followed CHS website will have a FAQ section; q/a to be provided to Jake • Discussion followed about website content School Board Member, Mary Walston, dropped by last week and talked with students and staff about 3×5 schedule among other things.  • Leadership was not available to meet with Ms. Walston.  School philosophy of Focus on Instruction  can result in leadership not being available for drop in visits from parents, board etc… New Hires • Marty Wilder has joined CHS.  His areas of instruction will be STEM and Algebra II • Additional new teacher is pending.  Areas of instruction will be Biology Electronic Sign • The sign will be posted on Bailey Hill near 18th Avenue • LPA raised money for this sign for several years

Site Council Report Site Council meetings are held each month on the first Wednesday from 3:45-5:00pm • Parent representatives report at each meeting • Students also attend and provide input School Improvement Plan (SIP) will be posted to the website • Includes goals related to communication, education, instruction and how we meet those goals • Working to align SIP goals with Achievement Compact • Discussion followed about what the goals are and consequences of not met Accreditation Team will be here in April; preparing materials for that

Discussion about role of LPA and math curriculum

Directory Update – Tom Pargeter • Cleaning up list and removing names of folks who opted out • Target mail date of mid-December • Other methods of providing directory (electronic etc…) have been researched, but not pursued

Other Announcements • During months of August – November, 173 parents recorded 1095+ volunteer hours! • Next meeting January 15, 2013 with Dr. Berman

Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm


October 8th Meeting Summary- Churchill update by Kim Finch, Principal

October 8th,  2012 Parent Association Meeting Minutes

Presentation  provided by Kim Finch, Principal at the October Parent Association meeting- put into word document to help post on website.


  • ·         83 more students than Churchill was projected to have.  Continuing to register student each day.
  • ·         Total enrollment: 1,108
  • ·         Enrollment by grade:
    • o   8th = 21 (Kennedy students attending math classes at Churchill)
    • o   9th = 298
    • o   10th = 246
    • o   11th=268
    • o   12th=275
  • ·         CHS has 41% of students who qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch.  This is the same percentage as last years, although the district process is not completed until 10/15.
  • ·         Currently have 15 students who receive ELL services, with a mixture of languages.

New Staff/New Programs

  • ·         Added back music and 9th grade Health to CHS, increasing band from 0.5 FTE to 0.75 FTE and health from 1.5 FTE to 2.0 FTE
  • ·         Two sections of pre-engineering (1.0 credit) and 6 sections of engineering design (0.5 credit)
  • ·         Received additional math/science staffing to address class size
  • ·         Prioritized FTE to AP classes in each subject area: increasing the time students have in AP by 33%.

4J Board and District Goals:

All Secondary schools will have a sharp focus on the following data, with school focused on student performance.  Schools will develop school improvement goals and action plans that include targets in a number of areas:

  1. 1.       4 year graduation cohort rate
  2. 2.       5 year graduation cohort rate
  3. 3.       Percentage of fully scheduled freshman
  4. 4.       PLAN scores for 10 grade students
  5. 5.       9th grade attainment (at least 6 credits)
  6. 6.       9th grade attendance (90% or greater)
  7. 7.       Number of students enrolled in post-secondary education within 16 months of graduation


Additional 4J and District Goals:

  • ·         College and Career Readiness: a college and career readiness culture will exist in all secondary schools.
  • ·         Proficiency-based instruction: Proficiency-based training and learning practices will become increasingly embedded in secondary schools.
  • ·         Collaborative practice: Collaboration among teachers for the purpose of instructional improvement and increased student learning will become common practice.
  • ·         Curriculum: College preparatory math will be implemented in our high school and middle school algebra classes.  Pilots of the Facing History and Ourselves curriculum program will be established in 9th grade social studies classes.

Big Change: How are we monitoring the 3X5 schedule?

  • ·         Scheduling team that is working with the district to look at class size, enrollment by subject/teacher/period, course need by trimester, pathway of access for students, and schedule conflicts.
  • ·         The scheduling team consists of administration, counselors and classified staff. The role of this team is to review the data during the 2012-2013 year, and craft a “rolling schedule” plan for 2 years.

How can parents get involved?

  • ·         Parents are welcome at CHS
  • ·         Need volunteers in the Tutor Center, working directly with students and teachers
  • ·         Need parents to help at the front desk each afternoon
  • ·         Need AVID tutors in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade AVID classroom


How can Parents give input?

  • We want to hear the things that are working, or not working, about your students schedule and their experience on the 3X5.  At any time, we want to have you email us with scheduling questions, concerns, and kudo’s.
    • Londa Rochholz-AP and master schedule leaders

    • Kim Finch-Principal

    • Morgan Christensen-Assistant Principal (9th and 10th administrator)



September 11th

Lancer Parent Association Meeting- September 11, 2012

IMPORTANT: Change in date for next meeting WITH SPEAKERS !!!  MOVED TO:  October 2nd, 2012

Speakers will be Churchill administrators giving an overview of 3 X 5 schedule and plans for year.

Agenda Item



Introductions Name, name of students, where were you born, why do you want to get out of coming to parent meetings? Overwhelming answer was parents come to the meeting to stay involved and hear communication about what is happening at the school. 
Plans/Goals for the coming school year What do parents want from the parent association? Brainstorming from the group:

  • Increase parent involvement in school events/programs
  • Hear about what’s going on at the school-some examples:
    • academics (have departments and teachers in to talk about what’s going on,
    • events,
    •  issues around teenagers,
    • budget issues, ,
    •  how can parents help students prepare for life after high school
  •  Increase neighborhood involvement-strengthen the community of Churchill
    • How do we engage others that live in our community to come to our events-band, sports, plays, etc.
  • Is there an alumni association? Is there a way to encourage alumni involvemen
  • Create website with parent friendly information
  • Frequently asked questions-FAQ’s
    •  What forms must be filled out
    •  Info on parent association
    •  Sports/activities
    • Resource list for parents
  •  Increase parent awareness of website-redesigned this summer and improved user friendliness.
  • Increase awareness of site council and ability of parents and students to attend
    •    Council reviews and approves school improvement plan
    •   Can we get improvement plan out to parents and more visible? 
    •  Are we working on those plans and if so, how are we doing?
    • Analyze school data- what does Churchill look like? # of students and other facts
    •  Council looks at needs of school community
    • Meets monthly
    • Open to Churchill parents and students
  • Fundraising-currently done by individual programs-no centralized function.
    • Should this be an LPA function?
    • Do we need a subcommittee to focus on fundraising?
    • Have we accessed previous fundraising efforts and are they worth continuing these efforts ?  Directory sales, direct drive, etc.
  • Work to create tangible goals and define what fundraising is for.  Most parents have no idea of money LPA has given to various events. 
  • What is the current fundraising philosophy for Churchill and can we change it from silo’s to centralized functions?
  • Support for faculty-what do teachers need?
  • Financial support?  If financial, how do we learn what items they need?
  •  Other support-potlucks for days when teachers are working on other projects
  •  FUN coordinator
  •  Structure of parent association
    •  What is the current structure of LPA?
    • Do we need some coordinators to focus on special projects
    •  Do we need subcommittees to meet outside of the bigger meeting and utilize the larger meeting for reporting out and speakers for parents?
Need to prioritize what the parents would like to focus on or divide into subgroups to continue development of ideas into action.   Next meeting will focus on the switch to the 3 X 5 schedule and would like to give the full hour to that presentation by administration and allow time for questions and answers.



 Keep meeting on October 9th as a working meeting to refine this list.  Margaret will send out invitation and see if parents are interested to meet twice in October.

Agenda Item



Administrator Report: Londa Rochholz and Morgan Christon 1.  Churchill was in Register Guard Editorial today (Sept. 11) focus on increase in students.  Bump up in enrollment to 1113 students.  Was it due to the new engineering program, the switch to the 3 X 5 schedule, the district opened up to students outside the 4J district?  Increase in students does increase staffing levels which is a good thing.

2.       3X5 schedule-students settling in.  Still some adjusting and education about credits per class, work in progress,

3.       Lancer Support Agents –LSA  37 Juniors and seniors-had been known previously as Freshman advisors.  1 to 15 ratios.  Plan is to have them remain connected with their “15” throughout year and mentor freshman through first year.  Working to grow program.  Helped out at Freshman social and freshman orientation.  Will be on hand to help at the Open House.

4.       Day long professional development for teachers prior to start of school year.  Good start for teachers.  Dr. Berman, 4J superintendent is very  focused on professional development and will continue to work with teachers with this focus.

5.       Electronic Reader Board update- questions about progress.  Trenching and underwire installation happened this summer thanks to work by Brian Bineham.  Agreement with Sign company completed this week so it will be 6 to 8 weeks before sign is ready –then installation will take about 2 to 4 days.  Estimated completion around first of November.  Sign will be about 24 inches off the ground and rise up to about the 7 foot mark-city rules regulate sign measurements.

6.       Discussion regarding conflicts with next LPA meeting on October 9th.  Eugene Educational Fund kickoff that night and administrators need to be present. Recommend that we move LPA meeting to October 2nd so that all administrators can be present to talk about the 3X5 schedule and take questions from parents.

















Agreed to switch presentation to October 2nd.  May keep October 9th for planning session for LPA.

 Meeting will take place in room 36.

Agenda Item



Nominations and vote for vacant officer positions-Maggie Beals At the end of last school year, there were two vacancies:Second co-chairperson and secretary. Secretary position was announced.  Interested parents are asked to contact Margaret Beals and vote can be taken at next meeting.   Reviewed that we do not need legal or technical minutes but minutes that will capture what occurred and what action-if any-will be taken. Lucas Mericantante was nominated for co-chairperson- approved via member vote Ann Reeder expressed interest in filling the secretary position.  Margaret will announce and take a vote at the next meeting.
Update from site council and operations council Have not met yet- may be meeting this week- parent representatives will report at next meeting. Informational
Update on fundraising at U of O tailgater-Maggie Beals Received very short notice of need for community group to help with recycling at first two U of O football games.  Oregon Bottling and Recycling actually pays $500 base for group of 20 volunteers and the $.05 for all recyclables.  Originally stated volunteers had to be 18 and older but agreed that high school students could help if accompanied by parent or guardian.  Messages were sent out via autodial and put on the Churchill website. First game only had 7 Churchill volunteers and so funds will be split with other groups-largest collection done ever- 3 times more than anything they did last year.Second game had 12 Churchill volunteers so more of the funds will go to Churchill.  Money will be split between LPA and Band parents who participated in the fundraiser. Churchill will be recommended to continue to fill this role for the first two games before student groups are available to assist- will see if with sufficient planning we can be the sole provider of the volunteers.
Directory work Theresa Mayne has agreed to oversee this again this year.  Working with Tom Pargeter.  Some questions about whether or not we can do electronic directory and does it actually raise money after cost to produce?  Will ask group to evaluate after this year’s production.  
Treasurer report-Maggie Beals Review of report as of July 31, 2012  
Future meetings: October 2nd-change- Churchill administration to present information about new 3X5 schedule and other changesOctober 9th– Utilize as planning meeting?November 13- Dr. Berman will discuss future 4J plans Margaret will check with other nearby elementary and middle schools for conflicts with scheduled   parent association meetings. 
  Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm