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Academic Requirements for Athletics at Churchill High School

Determining eligibility prior to season:

  1. All incoming freshman are academically eligible for the Fall Season.
  2. 10-12th grade students must demonstrate that they are on track to graduate.
    1. Fall of 10th grade year:  must have earned 4.5 credits.
    2. Fall of 11th grade year:  must have earned 10.0 credits.
    3. Fall of 12th grade year:  must have earned 17.0 credits
  3. All students must have passed 2.0 credits in the previous trimester. (Exception is fall season for freshmen.)
  4. All student athletes must be enrolled 2.0 credit courses during the season.

Academic Eligibility during Season:

  1. An academic check will take place at mid-terms.
  2. Any student-athlete that is not passing 2.0 credits will be placed on academic probation.
  3. Students on academic probation have one week to demonstrate that they are passing 2.0 credits.
  4. Students on academic probation can still practice and participate in competition.
  5. If after one week on academic probation, the student is not passing 2.0 credits, they are not allowed to participate in competitions.
  6. The student can, with permission from the coach in charge, still participate in practices and continue to work towards eligibility.
  7. Once the student has demonstrated they are passing 2.0 classes, eligibility to participate in contests is regained.

Summer School and Summer Credits:

  1. Any credits earned during summer school or online credits during the summer are added to the total credits earned from the previous trimester of attendance.
  2. These credits count towards the previous trimester credit requirements and total credits earned towards graduation.

Athletic Registration FAQs

Questions Answers
How do I create a new user account in the ATS Athlete Portal? Go to ATS Athlete Portal. Enter this account information:

  • Athlete ID: NEW
  • Password: NEW
  • Database: ATSeugene4j

Click “Login.”

I followed the instructions to create a new user account, but nothing happened. What do I do? Some web browsers are not fully compatible with the ATS Athlete Portal. Try using Chrome or Firefox.
What should I put in the Athlete ID field? The Athlete ID is like your username for the ATS system. You will use it next time you log in to the ATS Athlete Portal. Choose an Athlete ID that you will remember. We do not recommend using your student ID number.
Why doesn’t anything happen when I click “Save Athlete Information?” Review all the tabs on the Athlete Information page (General, Insurance, and Contact). Make sure all yellow fields are completed. Yellow fields are mandatory, and must be completed before you can save your information. If you have completed all mandatory fields and are still unable to save your information, you may need to switch to the Chrome or Firefox web browser.


Online Registration Instructions for Returning Churchill Athletes


Step 1: Update your account & Register

Go to ATS Athlete Portal.

Enter your ID and password. For help with your login information, talk to Jill in the Front Office.

Database: ATSeugene4j

Select “Athlete Information.

Update/verify the “General” tab.

Fill out/verify the “Medical History” tab.

Update/verify the “Insurance” tab.

Enter/verify additional emergency contacts in the “Contacts” tab.

Read the Registration Packet in the “eFiles” tab.

In the “Forms” tab, complete the “Registration Packet” form.

Save information and log out.

Step 2: Complete the Process

Turn in your current physical to the athletic department, if necessary

Pay appropriate fees

Sign-up for ImPACT baseline testing, if necessary

Inform the athletic department which sport(s) you intend to participate in