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The School-to-Careers Office supports students in career exploration, career education and work-related experiences. Experiencing real-world work situations better prepares students to make decisions related to working, higher education, and careers. Through the School-to-Careers office students can participate in the following activities.

  • Job Shadows: a one-time visit to a work site where the student observes a person in the career the student is interested in. Generally the experience is from 2-4 hours and includes an informational interview of the professional by the student.
  • Internships: experiences that are set up for the student to learn as well as to work in a career/work environment in which the student is seriously interested. These experiences are usually for older students, Seniors and sometimes Juniors who are willing to spend at least 20 hours in the experience. Many students complete their Lancer Extended Application Packet (LEAP) using an internship.
  • Cooperative Work Experience: also known as Work Study where some Juniors and Seniors are eligible to apply for paid positions within the Eugene School District 4J and earn class credit. Click here for more information.


Other School-to-Careers related experiences:

  • career-day experiences
  • field trips
  • mock employer interviews
  • assistantships
  • career seminars


Click here for current events and School-to-Career news!

Students! Check out the Job Notebook located on the rack by the School-To-Careers Desk in the Career Center. This notebook lists jobs at Valley River Mall, Gateway Mall, and various part time jobs in Eugene that are appropriate for teens.

For more information, visit Mary Beth Hepp-Elam, School-to-Careers Coordinator in Churchill’s STEM building or call her at 541-790-5262.

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