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Staff Resources

CHS Staff Team Drive

The CHS Staff Team Drive is only accessible to Churchill Staff. The Team Drive contains meeting minutes, forms, and other useful documents and resources for Churchill staff. If you are unable to view this Team Drive while logged in to your 4J Google account, please request permission to view the folder and allow 24 hours for processing.

Churchill Staff Handbook

You must be logged into your 4J Google staff account to view the Staff Handbook.

Churchill Forms and Links

Required for All Staff
Churchill Staff Emergency Contact Questionnaire (confidential)

Absence Management (formerly Aesop)
Time and Absence Reporting (for employees who do not use Absence Management)
Educator AVID Survey
Churchill Staff Agreements – approved 2016-17

Office Forms
Churchill DHS Abuse/Neglect Report Form (pdf; updated 12/19/2016)
Churchill Letterhead (docx)
Instaprint 4J Printing Work Order (updated 3/21/18)
See the secretary for information on ordering print services from Shelton Turnbull
On the job injury – Incident Report (updated 1/23/2018)
Student Accident/911 Incident Report (Google Form; updated 1/5/2017)

Field Trip & Travel Forms

More information is posted on the Risk Intranet. Use the search box in the top right corner of the page to search for “field trips.”

4J Rules and Forms students/parents MUST complete these permission forms
School Sponsored Overnight Trip Procedures.pdf
Field Trip Checklist
4J Code of Conduct for Trip Chaperones
Churchill Student Field Trip Form homework and permission form to be completed by student and teachers (updated 10/2017)
Staff & Volunteers Private-Auto Insurance Form for any volunteer or staff member who will be driving students to or from an event
Volunteer Application and Background Check MUST BE COMPLETED BY ALL VOLUNTEERS. Volunteers who may be unsupervised with students must complete the SafeSchools training. Check with the secretary to see if your volunteers are cleared.

Behavior and Support

Behavior Referral (updated 10/31/2016)
GLTM_Referral (pdf)
Guidelines for Preventing Suicide (pdf, updated 12/12/2016)


4J Technology Appropriate Use Guidelines
Technology Help
Assistive Technology (PDF)
Lane ESD Media Services
4J Instructional Materials Center (IMC)
How to get email and Google docs access for new students
Backup your files (Mac OS X)
How to clean your projector filter
4J Phone Voice Mail Manual

Training & Development

Classroom Management Self Assessment

Smarter Balanced/OAKS Administration Resources for Schools
OAKS TIDE User Guide_2014-15
Oregon Statewide Testing Schedule, 2014-15
OAKS Online Home
OAKS Online User Guides
Test Security Forms
Oregon Achievement Standards, 2014-15
Essential Skills Proficiency Options

Smarter Balanced/OAKS Training PowerPoint Modules
OAKS Training Modules
Setting up a Test Session How-to Video
Smarter Balanced Staff Presentation #1 (PDF)
Common Core State Standards

4J Resources

Staff Links
Finance Forms (includes expense reimbursement and travel approval forms)
HR Forms
Incident Report (ANY work injury must be reported using this form)
4J Phone Voice Mail Manual

Payroll Forms
4J Time Sheet
Time and Absence Reporting (exception reports for non-Aesop employees)
Additional Responsibilities and Extra Duty Assignments Compensation Form
Leaves of Absence | How to enter a long term leave of absence into AESOP
Extended Contract
Non-ESS Licensed IEP Time Log

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