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Master Schedule Information

Course Catalog 2018-19 (updated 4/6/2018)

Master Schedule 17-18 (updated 11/2/2017): shows offered classes. some classes may be full.

Common Questions

*Schedules are available online via StudentVUE/ParentVUE.

Who do I talk to about my schedule?

Grade 9 & 10 last names A-K: 

Grade 9 & 10 last names L-Z, AVID

Grade 11 and 12 last names A-K

Grade 11 and 12 last names L-Z

Why am I  in a class I didn’t request?

It may be a class chosen for you based on something you need for graduation or it may be simply an error.

How do I change my schedule?

We are only making changes to Trimester 1 schedules at this time. To do this, set up an appointment to meet with your counselor to review your request.

How long do I have to make a change to my schedule?

September 10 is the last day to make changes to your Trimester 1 schedule.

What classes are available for me to take?

The master schedule will be available online to view and in the Career Center. Classes on the grid will indicate closed classes.

Can I change my Trimester 2 or Trimester 3 classes?

Starting September 15 you may set up an appointment with your counselor to review your request.

Why don’t I see the full year of my schedule?

Schedules are currently being balanced and adjusted for the year. Full-year schedules will be made available after September 15.

Can I get into a class that is already full?

If the class is indicated as being full, then there is no more room.

Do I go to my class if it is a class that I would like to drop?

Yes. Once school begins, you must attend your classes until an official change has occurred to your schedule or you will be marked absent.

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