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Churchill High School is active with many diverse clubs! Get involved, make friends, and have fun–investigate a club that appeals to you.

Would you like to start a new club? Review the Club Guidelines and fill out the Club Request Form.

Club Meeting Day Time Location Adviser(s)
Anime Wednesday After school H23 Suzuki, Miiko
Art Wednesday After school B1 Albone, Holly
Asian Pacific Islanders Student Union (APISU) Thursday Lunch H23 Suzuki, Miiko
Awakening Thursday Lunch F36 Ogden, Ian
Beauty Tuesday After School STEM 105 Munger, Evan
Biology/Chemistry MondayTuesday 12:00-12:15After school K4 Mitchell, Jim
Black Student Union Monday Lunch Auditorium Summerfield, Kevin
Bookworm Thursday (once per month) Lunch Library Wells, Joy
Change for Change Monday Lunch H4 Soderholm, Lodi
Chess Monday – Friday Lunch H3 Schirmer, Scott
Cosmetic Awareness  Monday Lunch G10 Scurlock, Jennifer
Creative Writing Tuesday After School Library Wells, Joy
Equestrian Team Once per month Lunch F39 – Lab McAuliffe, Katy
Family of United Souls for Peace and Love (FUSPL) Wednesday Lunch J9 Dunbar, Leah
Gender and Sexuality Alliance Tuesday Lunch F55 Seager, Iris; Groberg, Greg
Interact Wednesday Lunch F46 Sather, John; Ogden, Ian
Key Wednesday Lunch H22 Patton, Alex
Latino Student Union Wednesday 8:45 a.m. J9 or Auditorium Summerfield, Kevin
Look Me in the Eye Tuesday Lunch J12 Kearner, Judy
Magic the Gathering Friday Lunch F55 Seager, Iris
Math Monday After School F37 Grossberg, Steve
Medical (Club MD) Monday Lunch B4 Ricker, Keri
National Honor Society TBA TBA TBA Bessko, Tibor
Native American Student Union Monday, Tuesday Lunch J9 or Auditorium Summerfield, Kevin
Poly Micro Club Friday Lunch Ame’s Office Galago, Tiny
Robotics TBA TBA TBA Chisholm, Kristin
Table Top RPG Friday 4:00-7:00 STEM Conference Room Reents, Jake
Ultimate Monday, Tuesday, Thursday After School Field by the Courts Kuzma, Brian
Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Thursday Lunch STEM Hepp-Elam, Mary Beth
Young Republicans Wednesday Lunch J15 Hulings, Kreg; Heidel, Joanne


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