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Counseling Center


Grade 9 & 10 last names A-K
Casey Tiemann

Grade 9 & 10 last names L-Z, AVID
Tibor Bessko

Grade 11 and 12 last names A-K
Shannon Roseta

Grade 11 and 12 last names L-Z
Katy McAuliffe

Mission Statement

The comprehensive guidance and counseling program at Winston Churchill High School supports student learning while making unique contributions to academic, career, and personal/social development and community involvement, nurturing growth and progress in these domains.

The Churchill school counselors subscribe to the following basic tenets of the counseling process:

  • Each person has the right to respect and dignity as a human being and to counseling services without prejudice as to person, character, belief, or practice regardless of age, color, disability, ethnic group, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, or socioeconomic status.
  • Each person has the right to self-direction and self-development.
  • Each person has the right of choice and the responsibility for goals reached.
  • Each person has the right to privacy and thereby the right to expect the counselor/counselee relationship to comply with all laws, policies, and ethical standards pertaining to confidentiality.

The end goal of the counseling program is that each student will leave high school with the academic, career, personal and social involvement skills to be able to make realistic and responsible decisions and contributions to themselves, others and their communities.

Services Offered

Primary Goals: To provide counseling support that enables students to find success academically, socially, and personally. In addition the counseling department works with students and parents to assist in planning for future educational and career decisions. Counseling services relate to:

1. Personal crisis counseling and support for students who may be experiencing emotional, social, academic, and/or personal issues that interfere with their success in school.
2. Development of personalized plans and profiles.
3. College planning and application assistance.
4. Planning and assistance to students and parents for post high school options, and career education,
5. Academic course scheduling.
6. Advocating for all students including those who have demonstrated barriers to learning.
7. Transition activities for new students and entering 9th graders.
8. AVID Support
9. Student testing and interpretation

Students are assigned a counselor who meets with the student when appropriate throughout the school year. Students and parents are encouraged to see their assigned counselor whenever they require assistance. Parents are further encouraged to check directly with classroom teachers regarding specific questions. Parents may request collaborative meetings between teachers, counselors, students and parents when necessary.

Important Information

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