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February Parent Meeting Minutes

Minutes from Lancer Parent Association Meeting

Feb. 12, 2013

1.       Announcements:

Volunteers still needed for WISE symposium: volunteers can call Theresa Hilkey or email her at  Starts at 1:30, needs chaperons from 3 to 5:30 pm and some clean up help from 5:30 to 6:30. 

Site Council update: Approved LPA request to provide $192.00 to math competition team to cover entry fees. LPA is asking teachers to submit requests for needed equipment or supply costs to Julie Butler. Julie will compile list and submit to LPA to consider and work on funds during a direct drive donation this year. Will need parents interested to work on direct drive this spring.  General discussion about fundraising and Site council also discussed Churchill’s  upcoming accreditation event. 

Fundraising and parent association roles: Talking to other high schools to learn more about what and how parent associations function and are organized.  Showed graph of LPA meeting attendance over 3 school years and even with 1000 students, general attendance at meetings is less than 20.  Even with education and other offerings at meetings, still very difficult for parents to find time to attend meetings and raises the question do we need a parent association?  Discussed other ways to function and provide fundraising for Churchill.  Have not done direct drive this year-asking teachers what they need and will compile list and see if that helps with fundraising with distinct and state needs.  Also need to learn more about 4J financial rules.  There is some confusion about clubs and sports that have tax ID numbers a which gives the group or individuals  control of funds and distribution of funds.   However, if they are not a 501(c)(3 ), parents and sponsors CANNOT claim donations as tax deductible unless they are donating directly to the school OR the club or sport has attained a 501(c) (3 ) status which requires a board of directors and other formal processes. 

Concession Building project: A few parents are working to build a new concession stand to support athletics.  Concession stand would support many of Churchill’s outside events as well as provide additional fundraising when outside facilities are utilized by other groups such as Kidsports and others.  There is a facebook page now so you can learn more and help spread the news. Parents working on this would encourage you all to “LIKE” & “SHARE” with as many as you can. We will post more info, updates and progress. We look forward to your comments.

CHS spring sport registration night:  If your student is interested in spring sports, registration will be Wednesday, February 20th at 5:30 pm in Churchill Auditorium.  You can pay fees or make payment arrangements prior to registration night during office hours at Churchill. 

Legally Blond– still a few more performance nights to catch this wonderful musical if you haven’t already.  Feb. 14th, Feb. 22, 23 and 24th -7:30 pm Churchill Auditorium

Spirit Week at CHS –Special days and Dance!   Valentine’s day is SuperHero Day, Fancy Day is on Friday, the 15th.  There is also a “Glow Dance” on Friday, February  15th, 9:00 pm after the basketball game!

March 12th Parent Association meeting:  parent education from “stand for children” group.  Information on how state decides funding for education as well as what parents can do to at a state level.   Meeting in room F36-Entrance through Door #3.  7:00 pm  Open to all parents from elementary to high school.

2.       Administrative Report: Londa Rochholz, Assistant Principal


  •   Information coming out about school funding for next year.  Still unknown but concern that there could be close to 21 million cut to 4J district alone.  Still too early to know what will happen with state budget.
  •  April 9th will be the grand opening of the new STEM department. 
  •  Update on the professional development program that teachers are participating in.  There was an article in the Register Guard discussing the importance of teacher development.  Some of the topics covered is about learning “how different students learn” and developing curriculum and lesson plans to enhance that learning.
  •   Third trimester class schedule will be posted on Churchill website soon. 
  •   Last month Churchill launched virtual classrooms.  This was the first semester and 26 Churchill students signed up.  While the semester is closed for more sign up at this time, the program will open again in the fall and students and parents are encouraged to consider classes in this program, especially if students do have some open times in their schedule or a special interest.
  • Sports update:  Wrestling has 11 going to state, Swimming has 4, and Basketball is coming into the playoff season-if you haven’t had a chance to attend an event, check out the calendar and support a team.
  •  Grants received from Eugene Educational Fund to Churchill programs:
Churchill High AVID Field Trip $ 2,000.00
Churchill High Donor Sponsored Band Instrument Repair $ 500.00
Churchill High Marine Biology Field Trip $ 2,000.00
Churchill High Technology for CPM Curriculum $ 2,000.00
Churchill High Extended High School Educational Funding $ 2,000.00
Churchill High Materials for Foundational Reading Program $ 500.00
Churchill High West End Academy for the Performing Arts $ 2,000.00

 3.       Request from Senior Graduation party-$350.00

Request for funds that will be used to cover costs of tickets for graduating seniors who would like to attend party but may be a little short on cash.  Request approved and going to site council for final approval.

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