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April LPA meeting minutes

Lancer Parent Association Meeting

April 16th, 2013

Agenda Item Action/Follow up
  1. 1.       Special Update: Bond Measure-Joy Marshall
  2. a.       Review of bond measures-while majority goes to new building, other money goes to the following:
  • ·       New technology
  • ·       Instructional materials
  • ·       General school safety/security/building repairs and equipment

25% of people in Eugene have students in public schools.  May 3 ballots will be mailed out.  Average cost per household will be $42.00.

Money from this bond cannot go to staffing.  Staffing dollars come from general funds which are generated by income tax.


Parents were provided with small signs they can post to show their support.
  1. b.      Stand for Children:

Review of suggestions of what parents can do to reach Oregon Legislators to support schools.  Parents can go to Stand for Children website for more information or contact Joy Marshall.  If you don’t know who your Senator or Representative are you can go to this website and type in your demographic information and find out who to send an email or letter to:


Encourage parents to find out who your state legislator is and send them an email requesting their support for Oregon school.
  1. 2.       Administrative Report-Londa Rochholz
  2. a.       Update on # of students-currently at about 1061 students. No large losses from the start of school.   Overall, slight increase in numbers in 4J enrollment.  Currently working on list for in-district transfers.   There is a cap on in-district transfers and working through the list.
  3. b.      Working on staffing plan- still need to determine final count of students.
  4. c.       Questions about recent process at Kennedy to help with forecasting.  Some material was sent home in hardcopy form, information went to students so unless students told parents, parents did not know about the request for information.  Parents unsure what to do with the forms they have completed.
  5. d.      Grand opening of new STEM building was on April 9 (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).  Good turnout of community members.  STEM was build through a grant and staffing was provided for this past school year by that grant.  Kay Fullerton has been working on various grants to support the schools.

Question:  If we see a potential grant that may be helpful for Churchill, who do we contact?  Answer: Contact one of the three administrators at CHS-Kim Finch, Londa Rochholz or Morgan Christensen first with the information.

Question: Will there be a separate STEM curriculum or program similar to IHS or another full program?

Answer: STEM will have a pathway but not a separate program.

  1. e.       Accreditation Team-Coming April 30th  This is done by the NW Association of Schools and Colleges and on-site survey is done every 6 years. Annual written reports are required as well.










Action: Londa to contact middle school principals and request they communicate with parents about what to do with their forms.  Information needs to go directly to parents versus going out through students

  1. 3.       Site Council report:

Accreditation business was the focus of the last meeting but parent representation requested the following to help with communication from administration:

  1. a.       Site council needs to be on the CHS calendar- review during meeting showed that it was but parents have mentioned that they do not always find it on the monthly calendar.
  2. b.      Post minutes- it is a public meeting and minutes need to be posted so parents can see what the site council is doing and talking about.
  3. c.       Listing of Site council members and contact emails so parents know who to contact if they have questions.
  4. d.      Awards Ceremony for Seniors and Juniors: This event has traditionally been held at the end of the year.  Covers a great many areas from sports, drama, clubs, scholarships, etc.  In the past, Betsy in the career center has organized but her hours were reduced so there was concern the event would be cancelled.  Janell Schoellhorn and 8 to 10 other parents are meeting twice week to work on the many tasks behind this even.  The group meets on in the career center when it’s closed on the following dates and times for a couple of hours:

i.      Tuesday’s- after 12:00pm

ii.      Friday-after 2:00 pm







Administration will be working to make sure this information is posted to the Churchill website for parents and others to view.




Anyone interested in helping with the Award Ceremony at the end of the year can either attend the work parties in the Career Center during those stated times and dates or contact Janell Schoellhorn ( if you have questions .

  1. 4.       Education Educational Fund

Review of material on how EEF works, a small percent of donations to each school are put into a general fund and distributed via grants. The fact that some of the money donated through this organization does not all go to Churchill has created concern by some parents.   While Churchill HS does not have high utilization or donations via this system, the school receives a significant amount of grants per year.  It is an easy way to donate and claim donations as a tax deduction.   Questions around  the following:

  • ·       How fast money can be accessed after it’s donated ( is it within a week of donation,  monthly, quarterly)-consider situations  donors pledge $500 but then donate so much per month into that equation.
  • ·       Who can access the money?  Teacher, parents, etc
  • ·       How do the schools access funds?  Do they need to show receipts for money spent?  Can they obtain the funds and then purchase the materials or supplies needed?

Note:  Correction has been made to attached handout which was provided  during meeting -amount spend to set up 501(3) (c ) at Kennedy for StarQuest was $6000, not $1600.



Action:  Margaret will contact EEF and request a visit from their new director at the May meeting and provide more information and show the breakdown of how other schools in Churchill region benefit from the grants, as well as answer questions from the group.


  1. 5.       Fundraising for Churchill-update

A few parents have been meeting with 4J CFO and CHS administration to understand what is allowed and not allowed by parent groups fundraising.  Margaret has drafted a summary of what is and is not okay but just sent off to 4J on Friday.  The draft will be reviewed and eventually, 4J hopes to be able to post an understandable fact sheet on this topic to the 4J website and for schools to use to help keep parents in compliance.  More information to come.



FYI-more information to come at next meeting
  1. 6.       Review and request for graphing calculators for math department. 

Review of request to help purchase additional graphing calculators for math department. With the increase in students, there is a need to add more calculators for use in the classes


 If parents have any unused calculators, please contact the math department at CHS.  Explore opportunity to donate funds for these through EEF through specific fund or from LPA funds.  To be determined at May meeting.
  1. 7.       Support for Churchill Students

Review of need and request by teacher to provide healthy snacks to students.   Margaret has contacted 4J to make sure there are no issues with working to set up a process to provide snacks to students at no cost.  There are opportunities to expand program and work to make sure students are accessing already existing programs either at school or within the community. With reduced budgets, this may rely on volunteers to work with the school to create a program –request small group to continue to continue to support this small pilot within one classroom until end of school term and also explore possibilities for coming school year.


The following parents will be working with one of the teachers and administration to work on a pilot project until the end of the year and then assess opportunities for next year:

Kirsten Barnett,

Misty Hill,

Wendy Gangwer, and 

Lucas Mericantante


If you are interested, contact Kirsten Barnett at


  1. 8.       Open  Officer positions for 2013-2014:


Co-chairperson- this can be two positions or a co-chairperson and vice co-chairperson.

Secretary- this position has been open since February when the previous secretary had to resign.

Descriptions of these positions are included in the LPA bylaws which are posted on the LPA website

These openings were posted via all parent email sent on April 15th as part of this meeting agenda.  Anyone interested in serving in one of these roles or needing more information, please contact Maggie Beals at
Mike Wilt was unable to attend to give an update on the work of the group working on the concession stand as they were busy working on the plans during this meeting.  No additional comments or questions by the group and meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.  


Minutes submitted by Maggie Beals, Co-Chairperson, LPA

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