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Club Sports Notice 8/1/2016


Churchill Families,

Eugene Public Schools encourages student involvement in school- and club-sponsored activities. In addition to traditional school athletic programs, school clubs, and club sports allow students to broaden educational experiences in the areas of physical fitness, social development, and skill enhancement.

For purposes of student safety, school activities are separated into school-sponsored and community-sponsored categories. Student participation in community-sponsored activities is not covered by district insurance and often not staffed by district employees. As such, Churchill High School and 4J maintain little control over community-sponsored activities including supervision, and purchasing. In recent years, relationships between school sponsored and community sponsored have become less clear. Churchill High School seeks to reestablish expectations related to school and community activities.

Over the 2016-2017 academic year, Churchill High School will be transitioning to a clearer school-sponsored/community sponsored model. We seek to achieve substantial compliance with a school-sponsored/community-sponsored process by Fall of 2017. This shift is in an effort to better inform parents, students, and the community regarding the relationship between Churchill High School and its activities.

Please see the “School and Community Sponsored Essentials Guide.” Should you have specific questions regarding the status of your child’s activity, please contact your Athletic Director.

Best Regards,

Kelly Bokn
Churchill High School
Athletic Director

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