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Site Council 4/19/17

Members present: Kirsten Barnett, Krista Cummings, Morgan Christensen, Heather Penfold, Julia Campbell, Alejandro Garcia, Erin Crews, Amy Duncan, Steve Grossberg

Not present: Sharon Ramirez-Cruz, Roger Bascue, Steve Grossberg

Chair: Kirsten Barnett

I.  Approve minutes from previous meeting:


II. Community Connections:


III. Set Agenda:

  1. EEF Grant Proposals                ALL

IV. New Business – EEF Grant Proposals

3 framing questions:

    How does this proposal support students?

    How many students does this proposal impact?

    How does this proposal extend student learning?

There were 5 proposals that we looked at during Site Council.

  1. Professional Media Interview Kit
  2. Increasing Mindfulness one Yoga Kit at a time
  3. Creating a Green Screen Mini Studio
  4. AVID Field Trips
  5. Marine Biology Field Trips

Churchill Site Council ranked the following proposals for EEF

  1. B – Increasing Mindfulness One Yoga Kit at a time
  2. E – Marine Biology Field Trips
  3. D – AVID Field Trips
  4. A – Professional Media Interview Trip
  5. C – Creating a Green Screen Mini Studio

Notes: This year the grant process was different as we can submit all proposals, without having to rank and leave some out. Ultimately EEF will choose what to fund and what not to fund

V. Stakeholder Check-In:

Parents –  There is a request of the clarification for the CRLS – Naviance Project. In addition, having more information about graduation requirements and updating current website with a timeline of “need to know” calendar for grade levels. Parking lot concerns about where people can park was brought forward.

Students –

Leadership is having mental health month – next month. A bunch of cards with resources to hand out to students. Or have them located throughout the school, where students can easily access them. Will share facts over the announcements – things students might not know. Julia suggests to share mental health information in the information that is handed out during the all night party for seniors. Kick off event may happen similar to club carnival. Some disagreements with the district about how ASB funds can be spent – students want to know what the ASB money is for? How are they supposed to spend the money – students would like guidelines on how to spend this money.  Everyone present agrees that students should be allowed to spend the money the way that they want to spend the money – provided it serves all students and is appropriate. Churchill constitution has been updated and we will have a new copy to look at next meeting.

Staff –  End of the year deadlines are approaching quickly. Staff are striving forward to the meet the needs of students and to finalized end of the year tasks.  

Classified – Front office is focused on graduation and is doing great

Administration – working to support all students and staff and making sure systems are running smoothly and getting the schedule done before the end of the year

VI. Old Business


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